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Relocation Service Coordination – Targeted Case Management or RSC–TCM is a Medical Assistance (MA) reimbursed case management program. It aims to support individuals who are living in eligible institutions to move to a community-based setting. Companies that provide RSC-TCM help their clients receive the medical, social, educational, and other services and support that they need.

Eligible Recipients

Individuals are eligible to receive RSC-TCM when they meet the following criteria:

  • Eligible for MA (including Program EH, IM, NM or RM)
  • Resides in an institution that qualifies for services at the time of service delivery
  • Chooses to move into the community
  • Chooses to receive services

Transitional Services and Physician Services

  • Transitional services cover essential furniture (e.g., bed frames, box spring and mattress, dining table and chairs, dressers, lamps, sofas)
  • Lease or rental deposits
  • Household supplies (e.g., cleaning supplies, dishes, drinking glasses, flatware, pots and pans, sheets, towels)
  • Moving expenses (e.g., moving vehicle rental, packing, unpacking)
  • Pest and allergen treatment of the home
  • Utility set-up fees and deposit
  • Window coverings

If you are interested with this service, please fill out the RSC TCM Referral Form.